Pronunciation: /ɑrk koʊˈtæn dʒənt/ Explain
Abbreviations: acot, arccot

A right triangle. One of the angles that is not the right angle is labeled 'theta'. The side opposite theta is labeled 'opposite'. The side adjacent theta that is not the hypotenuse is labeled 'adjacent'. Underneath the figure is the equation 'cot^(-1)(adjacent/opposite) = theta'.
Figure 1: Arccotangent

The arccotangent function returns an angle whose cotangent is a particular value. The arccotangent is a trigonometric function. The arccotangent is the functional inverse of the cotangent function. If adjacent/opposite = cot(θ) then cot-1(adjacent/opposite) = θ. Arccotangent is written arccot or cot-1.

Definition: y = cot-1 x if and only if x = cot y.

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