Intersection of Sets

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Figure 1: Intersection. Click on the image to see a representation of A ∩ B.

An intersection of two or more sets is a set containing the members that are in all of the sets. This is spoken, "Set C is the intersection of sets A and B." This is written, C = A ∩ B.

Properties of Intersection of Sets

PropertyMath StatementDescription
CommutativeA ∩ B = B ∩ AThe intersection of sets is commutative
Associative(D ∩ E) ∩ F = D ∩ (E ∩ F)The intersection of sets is associative
Distributive(D ∩ E) ∪ F = (D ∪ F) ∩ (E ∪ F)
(D ∪ E) ∩ F = (D ∩ F) ∪ (E ∩ F)
The intersection and union of sets are distributive
Table 1: Properties of the intersection of two sets.


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