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An axiom is a statement that is taken to be true without proof[2]. An axiom is taken to be self-evidently true, or obviously true. In contrast, a conjecture and a hypothesis are believed to be true, but are not self-evident.

In math, all proofs start directly or indirectly with one or more axioms. The word postulate means the same thing as axiom. An axiomatic system is a logical system that is based on axioms.


Betweenness Assumption
Given collinear points A, B, and C, C is between A and B if AC + CB = AB.

Notice that if C is between A and B that AC + CB = AB. If C is not between A and B then AC + CB > AB.

Angle Addition Postulate
If two angles are adjacent, they can be added together to form a larger angle. The measure of the larger angle is the sum of the measures of the two smaller angles.

Notice that m∠BAC + m∠CAD = m∠BAD.

Table 1: Examples of axioms


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