Bar Chart

Pronunciation: /bɑɹ tʃɑɹt/ Explain

A bar chart is a graph where rectangles represent quantities. The bigger the rectangle, the larger the quantity. The rectangles can be vertical or horizontal. A bar chart is also called a bar graph.

How to make a bar chart using OpenOffice Calc

Click here to download OpenOffice.

1 Type in the data. In the example, the data is colors and quantities.
2 Click on the first cell with data or header information. Then, without unclicking drag to the last cell of data. This selects and highlights the data you want to make into a bar chart.
3 In the strip menu at the top, click on Insert, then on Chart.
4 In the chart wizard, click on the Finish button at the lower right.
5 To resize the chart, click on one of the eight 'handles' around the chart and drag it.

Try creating a chart, then changing the numbers to see what happens to the chart.


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