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A shape is convex if a line segment that is drawn between any two points in the shape is completely contained within the shape.[2]

convex shape
Figure 1: A disc is convex

Figure 1 is an example of a convex shape, in this case a disc. Since it is not possible to pick two points within the shape and draw a line between them that leaves the shape, the shape is convex.

concave shape
Figure 2: Concave shape

Figure 2 is an example of a concave shape. Note that the entire line is not contained within the disc.

Discovery - Is a spherical solid convex or concave?

A spherical solid is a three dimensional shape with a sphere as the outer edge. Is a spherical solid concave or convex? Imagine a sphere. Can you imagine a straight line between any two points in the spherical solid that is partly outside the solid?

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A bear wanted a nice cozy cave in which to spend the winter. She found a rock sticking out of the ground, but it vexed her that the rock was convex. She continued to look. Then she found a cave. It was concave, so she crawled in and went to sleep for the winter.


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