Cube (Geometry)

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Manipulative 1 - Rotating Cube Created with GeoGebra.

A cube is a 3-dimensional geometric figure with straight edges that are all the same length. The faces of a cube are all congruent squares.

Formulas for a Cube
VolumeV = s3
Surface areaS = 6s2

Make a Cube

net for a cube.
Figure 2: Net for a cube.

A cube may be made using a net - a flat shape that can be folded into a cube. Click here to see a printable net for a cube with instructions.

Cubes in Nature

Salt crystal cubes magnified 100x.
Figure 3: Salt Crystals.

Ordinary table salt crystals forms naturally into cubes. Figure 3 shows salt crystals magnified 100 times. Figure 4 is a diagram of a salt crystal.

Diagram showing atoms in a salt crystal.
Figure 4: Salt Crystal Diagram.


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