Cube Root

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The cube root of an arbitrary value x is a value that, when multiplied by itself three times, equals x.[1] Stated mathematically, cube root of x equals a.

While a square root of a negative number is undefined for real numbers, the cube root of a negative number is possible. This is because a negative number multiplied by itself three times is still negative.

Examples of Cube Roots
cube root of 2 is about 1.25992105
Cube root of 5 is about 1.709975947
Cube root of 8 is 2
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Using a Calculator to Calculate a Cube Root

While some scientific calculators have a cube root button, most do not. To calculate the cube root of 3, type the following characters into your calculator, followed by the enter key: 3^(1/3). This works because the cube root of x is the same thing as x raised to the 1/3 power: Cube root of x is equal to x raised to the 1/3 power..


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