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Click on the blue points and drag them to change the figure.

Manipulative 1 - Cylinder Created with GeoGebra.

A cylinder is a solid with two circular ends (see figure 1).[2] A cylinder can be formed by rotating a rectangle around one of its sides (see figure 2). Click on the points on the sliders in figure one and drag them to change the figure. Click on the blue point in figure 2 and drag it to see a cylinder form from a rectangle.

Cylinder Formulas
V = πr2hVolume
S = 2πr2 + 2πrhSurface area

Click on the blue point and drag it to change the figure.

One way to create a cylinder (in Geogebra anyways) is to rotate the cylinder about one of its sides.
Manipulative 2 - Cylinder Created by Rotating a Rectangle Created with GeoGebra.

Geometric Net of a Cylinder

A geometric net is a two dimensional shape that folds into a three dimensional figure. Click here for a geometric net of a cylinder that you can print, decorate, cut out and tape together to make a cylinder.


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