DeCarte's Rule of Signs

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De Carte's rule of signs is a rule for determining the maximum number of positive roots of a polynomial.[2] For any polynomial, the maximum number of positive roots is equal to the number of sign changes of the polynomial going from the term with the highest degree to the term with the least degree. If there are a maximum of n positive roots, the exact number of roots is one of n, n - 2, n - 4, …. Terms with a coefficient of 0 are ignored.

The maximum number of negative roots of the polynomial is equal to the number of sign changes for f(-x). This changes sign of the terms of odd degree. Each time a nonzero term changes sign from the previous nonzero term, it counts as a sign change. Any roots that are neither negative or positive are complex roots.


3x2 + 2003x2 + 2002
x - 211-x - 2000
3x2 + 2x + 7003x2 - 2x + 722 or 00 or 2
-x3 - x2 + 511x3 - x2 + 522 or 00 or 2
2x4 - 3x2 + 222 or 02x4 - 3x2 + 222 or 00, 2, or 4
4x6 - 2x5 - 3x4 - x3 + 5x2 + 4x - 1 = 033 or 14x6 + 2x5 - 3x4 + x3 + 5x2 - 4x - 1 = 033 or 12, 4, or 6
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