Pronunciation: /doʊˌdɛk.əˈhi.drən/ Explain

A shape with twelve congruent pentagonal faces.
Figure 1: Regular dodecahedron

A dodecahedron is a twelve faced polyhedron.[2] A regular dodecahedron has twelve faces, each of which is a regular pentagon. A regular dodecahedron has 60 vertices.

In nature, a dodecahedron is found in the carbon molecule buckminsterfullerine. A carbon atom is at each vertex of a dodecahedron in a molecule of buckminsterfullerine.

Dodecahedron net
Figure 2: Regular dodecahedron net
Figure 2 shows the geometric net of a regular dodecahedron. For a printable regular dodecahedron net you can make yourself, click here.


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