Pronunciation: /ˈfæl.ə.si/ Explain
Plural - fallacies

A fallacy is a logical argument that appears true but contains errors in logic. One common fallacy in mathematics is dividing by zero. The logic in proof 1 seems to prove that 1 = 2. This is done by dividing by zero.

Erroneous Proof: 1 = 2
10 × 1 = 0
0 × 2 = 0
These are the criteria of the proof.
20 × 1 = 0 × 2 Apply the transitive property of equality.
3( 0 × 1 ) / 0 = ( 0 × 2 ) / 0 Divide both sides by the same quantity. The fallacy is in this step. Division by zero is undefined. In reality both sides of the equation are undefined. Since an undefined is involved, no conclusion can be made.
41 = 2 Cancel the zeros.


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  • Classic Fallacies. University of Toronto Mathematics Network. 3/12/2009. http://www.math.toronto.edu/mathnet/plain/falseProofs/fallacies.html.

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