Greek Alphabet

Pronunciation: /grik ˈælfəˌbɛt/ Explain

The Greek alphabet is often used in mathematics. The Greek letters can be used as variables, or represent concepts or constants. The conventional use of some of the letters is given.


Conventional Use
GammaΓγ Gamma is used to represent the gamma function, a generalization of factorial.
DeltaΔδ Δ is used to represent the concept of change. 'Δx' (read delta-x) means the change in x
EpsilonΕε ε is used to represent a very small positive quantity.
ThetaΘθθ is used as a variable to represent the measure of an angle.
IotaΙιblank space
LambdaΛλblank space
MuΜμblank space
\bgcolor{f8f7f0}{\nu\left(x\right)\;\equiv\;\int_0^{\infty}\frac{x^t}{\gamma\left(t+1\right)}}, \bgcolor{f8f7f0}{\nu\left(x,\;\alpha\right)\;\equiv\;\int_0^{\infty}\frac{x^{\alpha+t}}{\gamma\left(\alpha+t+1\right)}}
OmicronΟοblank space
PiΠππ is constant defined as the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter. Its value is approximately 3.14159.
RhoΡρblank space
SigmaΣσΣ is an operator used to indicate repeated addition.
UpsilonΥυblank space
PhiΦφGolden section
PsiΨψblank space


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