Independent Variable

Pronunciation: /ˌɪn.dɪˈpɛn.dənt ˈvɛər.i.ə.bəl/ Explain

Graph of f(x)=x^2
Figure 1: Graph of f(x) = x2

An independent variable is a variable whose value can vary (change) independently of other variables. Another way to state this is the value of the independent variable does not depend on the value of any other variable. In functions, an independent variable is also called an input variable.

In figure 1, f(x) = x2, the independent variable is x. You can tell the input variable when using function notation because it is inside the parenthesis of the function declaration.

Cricket Population
Population 2053 1740 2741 2286
Figure 2: Table of cricket population by year.

The table in Figure 2 represents a function. The independent variable is Year. This is because the year exists independently of the cricket population, and the cricket population is dependent on the year.


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