Inverse of an Operation

Pronunciation: /ˈɪn.vɜrs ʌv ɑn ˌɒ.pərˈeɪ.ʃən/ Explain

Given a set P, an element pP, a binary operation * on set P, and an identity I for set P with respect to operation *, the inverse of p (p-1) with respect to operation * is the member of set P such that p * p-1 = I.


Real numbers

The additive inverse of a real number p is -p, since p + -p = p - p = 0.

The multiplicative inverse of any real number p, except zero, is 1 / p, since p · 1 / p = p / p = 1.

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When an operation is performed on an identity and any other member of the set, the result is identical to the other member of the set.
Example: 5 + 0 = 5. The 5 on the left is identical to the 5 on the right.

Finding Inverses

1 -1 i -i
1 1 -1 i -i
-1 -1 1 -i i
i i -i -1 1
-i -i i 1 -1
Figure 1 - Multiplication table for quaternary

To find the inverse of a member of a set, start with a multiplication table. First, you need to find the identity for the operation. For what member when the operation is applied to it and any other member of set, the result is the other member of the set. In the multiplication table for the quaternary in figure 1, the values in the row for 1 (highlighted in green) are identical to the values at the top, so 1 is the multiplicative identity for the quaternary.

1 -1 i -i
1 1 -1 i -i
-1 -1 1 -i i
i i -i -1 1
-i -i i 1 -1
Figure 2 - Multiplication table for quaternary

Now find all results of the operation that match the identity. In the table in figure 2, These results are highlighted in red. This gives us this table of multiplicative inverses:



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