Least-Squares Line

Pronunciation: /list skwɛərz laɪn/ Explain

A least-square line is a line that minimizes the distance between the data points it represents and the line itself. Manipulative 1 is an example of a least squares line fitted to data.

Click on the blue points and drag them to change the figure.

Move the points to create a near-vertical line. Move the points to create a near-horizontal line.
Manipulative 1 - Least Squares Line Created with GeoGebra.

How to Calculate a Least Squares Line

In the equations, N is the number of points. x is the x-coordinate of a point. y is the y-coordinate of a point. All calculated amounts are approximate.

Legendx y x2 xy
A0.3 1.80.09 0.54
B0.8 2.20.64 1.76
C1.9 2.63.61 4.94
D2.2 2.14.84 4.62
E3.3 2.910.89 9.57
F3.9 2.515.21 9.75
Sum12.414.1 35.2831.18

m=(n*sum(xy)-sum(x)*sum(y))/(n*sum(x squared)-(sum(x) squared)) = (6*31.18-12.4*14.1)/(5*35.28)-12.4 squared)=(187.08-174.84)/(176.4-153.76)=12.24/22.64=0.54
y=mx + b implies y=0.54x + 1.234


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