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Click on the blue points and drag them to change the figure.

Manipulative 1 - Octagon Created with GeoGebra.

Click on the blue points and drag them to change the figure.

Manipulative 2 - Regular Octagon Created with GeoGebra.

A octagon is any eight sided polygon. A regular octagon is an eight-sided polygon with sides of equal length.

As long as the sides do not intersect, the figure in manipulative 1 is an octagon.

Octagon Facts
Central Anglebeta=45 degrees or p/4 radians.
Vertex Anglealpha=135 degrees or (3pi)/4 radians.
Exterior Anglegamma=225 degrees or (5pi)/4 radians
Inradiusr=(1/2)*(1+square root(2))
Circumradius(1/2)*square root(4+2*square root(2)
Arear=2*(1+square root(2))s^2
Table 1

Geometric Nets Using Octagons
Octagonal Prism
Octagonal Antiprism
Table 2

Examples of Octagons

Stop signBlue gemstone (lapis lazuli) with gold trim, irregular octagon shaped.


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