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A rotating eight-sided polyhedron.
Figure 1: Regular Octahedron.

A octahedron is any eight sided polyhedron.[2] The sides of a regular octahedron are congruent equilateral triangles.

A geometric net is a 2-dimensional drawing that can be cut and folded into a polyhedron. Table 1 has links to printable nets that you can make into octahedra.

Geometric Nets of Octahedra
thumbnail image of a net of a regular octahedronRegular Octahedron or Square Dipyramidnet_regular_octahedron.pdf
thumbnail image of a net of a heptagonal pyramidHeptagonal Pyramidnet_heptagonal_pyramid.pdf
thumbnail image of a net of a hexagonal prismHexagonal Prismnet_hexagonal_prism.pdf
thumbnail image of a net of a square trapezohedronSquare Trapezohedronnet_square_trapezohedron.pdf
thumbnail image of a net of a triangular cupolaTriangular Cupolanet_triangular_cupola.pdf
thumbnail image of a net of a truncated tetrahedronTruncated Tetrahedronnet_truncated_tetrahedron.pdf
Table 1: Octahedron nets


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