Unit Circle

Pronunciation: /ˈju.nɪt ˈsɜr.kəl/ Explain

A unit circle is a circle with a radius of exactly 1.[1] The unit circle is used to define the sine and cosine functions.

Unit circle
Figure 1: Unit Circle

Relationship Between Unit Circle and Trigonometric Functions

In right triangle trigonometry, sine is defined as opposite/hypotenuse, and cosine is defined as adjacent/hypotenuse. Looking at the unit circle, the radius is the hypotenuse of a right triangle. The red leg of the right triangle (see manipulative 1) is the adjacent leg. So the cosine is equal to adjacent/hypotenuse. But, in the unit circle, the hypotenuse is always 1. So the cosine is always equal to the length of the adjacent leg of the right triangle. By a similar argument, the sine is always equal to the length of the blue leg, the opposite leg.

Circle Trigonometric Identities

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Manipulative 2 - Circle Trigonometry Created with GeoGebra.

The circle trigonometric identities are equations that can be used to define trigonometric functions. Given a circle with a center at the origin, the trigonometric functions are defined using the x coordinate of a point on the circle (x), the y coordinate of a point on the circle (y), the radius of the circle (r), and the angle of rotation from an intersection of the circle and the x-axis(θ).

Circle Trigonometric Identities
Table 1


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