Zero Sum

Pronunciation: /ˈzɪər.oʊ sʌm/ Explain
  1. A zero sum is made by adding a value and its additive inverse. Zero sums are used in canceling while simplifying.

    Canceling Using a Zero Sum
    1x + 3 = 5 This is the equation to simplify.
    2x + 3 - 3 = 5 - 3 Subtract 3 from both sides. The 3 - 3 on the left side of the equation is a zero sum.
    3x + 0 = 2 Simplify the constant terms
    4x = 2 Apply the additive property of zero to transform x + 0 to x. This is the solution.

  2. In game theory, a zero sum game is a game where the gains of one player must be offset by the losses of other players. See Zero sum game in Wikipedia Encyclopedia.


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