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What is the difference between an annulus and a circle?
Manipulative 1 - Annulus Created with GeoGebra.

An annulus is the region between two concentric circles.[1] The area of the annulus is the difference between the areas of the circles: A = π(r12 - r22) where r1 > r2.

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What is the area of an annulus with an inner radius of 1m and an outer radius of 3m?

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Examples of Annulus

A roll of paper towels is an annulus.
Figure 2: Roll of paper towels
A roll of pipe tape is an annulus.
Figure 3: Roll of pipe tape
A pipe is an annulus.
Figure 4: Pipe


1. A pipe has an inner radius of 3 cm. It has an outer radius of 3.5 cm. It is 100 cm long. What is the total volume of the pipe, not including the empty space inside?

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2. The same pipe is made of a metal alloy with a density of 3g/cm3. What is the mass of the pipe in challenge 1?

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