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Sagitta see Apothem

Sample Space

SAS Congruence


Scalar Multiplication of a Matrix see Matrix

Scalar Multiplication of Vectors see Vector


Scale Factor

Scalene Triangle

Scientific Notation


Second see Time

Section, Conic see Conic Section

Sector of a Circle see Circle

Segment see Line

Segment Addition Postulate

Segment of a Circle see Circle

Semi Regular Solid see Archimedean Solid

Semicircle see Arc

Sequence see Sequences and Series

Series see Sequences and Series

Series, Geometric see Geometric Series


Set Notation

Set, Union see Union

Set, Universal see Set

sI see International System of Units

Side see Angle

Side of a Triangle see Triangle

Sigma Notation see Sequences and Series

Sign of a Number see Number

Significand see Scientific Notation

Significant Digits see Arithmetic Precision


Simple Curve

Simple Interest see Interest


Simplifying a Rational Expression see Rational Expression



Simultaneous Equations see System of Equations


Skew Lines see Line

Slope-Intercept Form see Line


Solid Geometry see Geometry

Solid, Geometric see Geometric Solid


Solution (System of Equations) see System of Equations


Solve a Right Triangle see Right Triangle

Solve Graphically

Solving a System of Equations see System of Equations

Solving an Equation


Speed see Velocity



Square Foot see Area

Square Kilometer see Area

Square Matrix see Matrix

Square Meter see Area

Square Mile see Area

Square Yard see Area

Staircase Function see Step Function

Standard Deviation see Deviation

Standard Form of a Polynomial see Polynomial

Statement, Compound see Compound Statement


Step Function

Straight see Line

Straight Angle


Subsets of Infinite Sets see Infinity


Substitution Property of Equality see Equal

Substitution Property of Equality

Subtended Angle see Chord

Subtracting Rational Expressions see Rational Expression

Subtraction of Matrices see Matrix

Subtraction Property of Equality see Equal

Subtraction Using Scientific Notation see Scientific Notation

Sum see Addition

Sum Difference Trigonometric Identities see Trigonometric Identities

Sum of a Geometric Series see Geometric Series

Sum to Product Trigonometric Identities see Trigonometric Identities

Superset see Set

Supplementary see Angle

Surface see Geometric Solid

Surface Area see Area

Symmetric Property of Equality

Symmetry, Axis of see Axis

Synthetic Division


System of Equations

Système International D'unités see International System of Units

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