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All Math Words Dictionary

All Math Words Dictionary by David McAdams

All Math Words Dictionary Large Print Edition by David McAdams

All Math Words Dictionary is a dictionary designed for students of pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and intermediate algebra in middle school and high school. It is designed using the four 'C's:

  • Concise: Definitions are compact, yet understandable.
  • Complete: All words and phrases of interest to students of the target classes are included, plus a few just beyond the scope of the target classes. Tables of symbols and notation, formulas, and units of measurement, plus lists of properties of objects give the student all the information needed to understand the concepts and decipher many word problems.
  • Correct: The definitions have been thoroughly reviewed for mathematical correctness.
  • Comprehensible: The definitions are written to be understood by students in the target classes. Abundant illustrations aid in understanding.

One of the difficulties many students experience in learning math skills has to do with the fact that an entire language has grown up around math. Students that acquire that language are successful in math studies. Students that do not acquire that language have serious problems with mathematics.


Numbers by David McAdams

Numbers" introduces young readers (1st to 3rd grades) to the basic concepts of numbers:

  • Numbers tell us how many, how long, how far.
  • We can tell how much by counting.
  • There are small numbers and large numbers.
  • Nothing has a number - zero.
  • Numbers can be written with digits or letters.
  • Numbers help us understand our world.

Numbers is one of a planned series of books that increase math literacy of primary school students. Introducing students to the words and concepts of mathematics increases their ability to understand the principles of math.

Applications of Algebra Dealing with Automobiles (1915)

Applications of Algebra Dealing with Automobiles (1915) by Thirmuthis Brookman, et. al.

This reprint of the classic work, originally published in 1913, uses automobiles to demonstrate principles of algebra. It contains problems on equations, ratios and other matters important to algebra (and to automobiles).

Chinese Education from the Western Viewpoint

Chinese Education from the Western Viewpoint by Yen Sun Ho

From the introduction: The following pages contain a general survey of the educational development of China up to 1913. The occidental students of educational history generally have a hazy and in­adequate idea of what the term "Chinese education" really connotes. Some speak of the examination system, which forms but a link in the whole chain of the educational development of China, as though it constituted the whole history of Chinese education. While it is true that old Chinese education since the founding of the Appointment System had been of a humanistic type, it does not follow, as Professor Monroe dogmat­ically asserts, that Chinese literature is so inferior to the occidental classical literature that "when the general results upon intellectual life and social develop­ment are considered, there is little basis for comparison."

If Chinese literature has not produced great results upon social and intellectual life, it has been due not to its lack of content-value but to the emphasis laid upon its formal side ...

Indian Mathematics (1915)

Indian Mathematics (1915) by G. R. Kaye

Indian Mathematics, (1915) Large Print Edition by G. R. Kaye

"Indian Mathematics" is a classic text on the history of mathematics in India. It clarifies the contributions of Hindu mathematicians and traces the exchange of mathematical ideas in the ancient world.

McAdams Family Cookbook

McAdams Family Cookbook by Darra and David McAdams

280 mouth watering, scrumdillicious recipes tested right in our home where kid's opinions count. Find quick recipes for those hectic days, elaborate recipes for those special occasions, canning recipes to store the bounty of the garden, and many others. From apple muffins to zucchini dill pickles to play clay from scratch. From our family to yours. Bon Appetit!

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