Common Ratio

Pronunciation: /ˈkɒm ən ˈreɪ ʃoʊ/ ?
  1. The common ratio in a geometric sequence is the constant ratio between any term and the term after it.[1] A common ratio is also called a geometric ratio.

    For example, the geometric sequence { 1, 3, 9, 27 } has a common ratio of 3. You can see that 1 · 3 = 3, and 3 · 3 = 9. Check the rest of the terms. Each term is 3 times the term before it.

  2. A common ratio of two variables is a number that, when multiplied by one of the variables, gives the other. The general equation for a common ratio is y = ax where y and x are the variables and a is the common ratio. This is most often called the constant of variation.

Finding the Common Ratio of a Geometric Sequence

What is the common ratio of { 2, 4, 8, 16 }?

2=4, 4·2=8, 8·2=16 The common ratio is 2.

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