Pronunciation: /kraɪˈtɪər iən/ ?

A criterion is a necessary requirement for a theorem to be true.[1] When a standard is given to show what members are included in a set, the standard is called a criterion. The plural of criterion is criteria.


If only high school students can participate in a math contest, the criterion for participating in the math contest is being a high school student.

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For each of the statements below identify the criterion. The click on the answer you picked.
  • If x<0 then y>0.
    A. x<0 B. y>0
  • When your room is cleaned up, you can go to the mall.
    A. Your room is cleaned up. B. You can go to the mall.
  • We will stay inside if it is raining.
    A. We will stay inside. B. It is raining.
  • If the shirt fits and we can afford it, we will buy the shirt.
    A. The shirt fits. B. We can afford the shirt. C. We will buy the shirt.


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