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Percentile, Decile, and Quartile Rankings
425th percentileblank spaceblank space
4810th percentile1st decileblank space
5715th percentileblank spaceblank space
5720th percentile2nd decileblank space
5825th percentileblank space1st quartile
6930th percentile3rd decileblank space
7035th percentileblank spaceblank space
7540th percentile4th decileblank space
7545th percentileblank spaceblank space
7750th percentile5rd decile2nd quartile
7955th percentileblank spaceblank space
8060th percentile6th decileblank space
8265th percentileblank spaceblank space
8570th percentile7th decileblank space
8775th percentileblank space3rd quartile
8780th percentile8th decileblank space
9285th percentileblank spaceblank space
9390th percentile9th decileblank space
9895th percentileblank spaceblank space
Table 1

In statistics, a decile is one of ten segments of a distribution that has been divided into tenths.[2] The first decile is the first tenth, the second decile is the second tenth, and so on. In probability, a decile is a portion of probability distribution that is divided into ten parts with equal areas[3].

Table 1 shows a set of scores and their percentile, decile and quartile rankings.


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