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Click on the blue point on the slider and drag it to advance through the first levels of the Sierpinski triangle.

At level 100, what would the triangle look like?
Manipulative 1 - Sierpinski triangle Created with GeoGebra.

A fractal is a geometric object that has an complicated boundary and is self-similar at all scales. One property of fractals is that, as the complexity of the shape increases, the area or volume approaches a finite value and the length of the boundary approaches infinity.

Manipulative 1 is a representation of a Sierpinski triangle. A Sierpinski triangle starts as a equilateral triangle. At each iteration, an area in the shape of an upside-down equilateral triangle 1/4 the size of the triangle is removed from each triangle. At each iteration, the area decreases by 1/4 and the length of the boundary increases by 1/3.


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