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A graph is a visual representation of an algebraic relationship.

Graph of the line y=2x-1
Figure 1: Graph of the line y = 2x-1

When we draw a graph, we are drawing a representation of a relationship such as y = 2x - 1. A graph can help us understand and interpret an algebraic relationship.

Types of Graphs

Number Lines

A number line is a one dimensional graph. Examples of number lines include:

Number line with solid dot on 5 labeled ANumber line showing A=5.
Number line with solid dot on -3 and an arrow going to the left labeled B.Number line showing B≤-3.
Number line with solid dot on -5, a hollow dot on 2.5, and a segment connecting the two dots labeled C.Number line showing -5 ≤ C < 2.5.
Number line with hollow dot on 0 and an arrow going to the left from 0, a solid dot on 3, and an arrow going to the right from 3.Number line showing D < 0 or D ≥ 3.
Table 1: Examples of number lines.

Graphs Using Cartesian Coordinates in 2 Dimensions

Graph of y=x^2-4
Figure 1: Graph of y = x2-4.

When graphing a relationship between two variables, one usually uses a 2-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system.


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