Pronunciation: /ˌhɛk səˈhid rən/ ?

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Manipulative 1: Cube. Created with GeoGebra.

A hexahedron is a six sided polyhedron. A regular hexahedron is a cube. The sides of a cube are six congruent squares. Click on the blue point in manipulative 1 and drag it to rotate the cube.

Geometric Nets

A geometric net is a shape that can exist in 2-space, which can be folded into a polyhedron. Click on the name of the net to download a printable net you can cut out and decorate.

Hexahedron Nets
Net of a quadrilateral frustum. Quadrilateral Frustum A quadrilateral frustum is a apex-truncated quadrilateral pyramid. It has a square for a base, a square for a top, and sloping sides.
Net of a pentagonal pyramid. Pentagonal Pyramid A Pentagonal pyramid has a pentagonal base with straight sides that come to a point.
Net of a rhombic prism. Rhombic Prism A Rhombic Prism has a Rhombic base with rectangular sides.
Net of a triangular dipyramid. Triangular Dipyramid A Triangular Dipyramid has a triangles that meet in the middle in the form of a triangle with sides that come to a point.
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