Pie Chart

Pronunciation: /paɪ tʃɑɹt/ Explain
A pie chart containing sections for various type of fruit

A pie chart is a graph that divides up a circle in the slices. The whole circle represents the entire set being graphed. Each slice represents a portion of the whole. A pie chart is also called a pie graph

How to make a pie chart using OpenOffice Calc

Click here to download open office.

1 Type in the data. In the example, the data is types of fruit and quantity of fruit
2 Click on the first cell with data, then without unclicking drag to the last cell of data. This selects and highlights the data you want to make into a pie chart.
3 In the strip menu at the top, click on Insert, then on Chart.
4 In the chart wizard, under Choose a chart type, click on Pie.
5 In the chart wizard, click on the Finish button at the lower right.
6 To resize the chart, click on one of the eight 'handles' around the chart and drag it.

Try creating a chart, then changing the numbers to see what happens to the chart.


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