Acute Angle

Pronunciation: /əˈkyut ˈæŋ gəl/ ?

Acute Angles
Figure 1: Acute angles measure < 90°

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Angles are divided into four classes according to their measure. An acute angle is an angle that measures less than 1/4 of a full circle[1][2].

Classes of Angles
Degree MeasureRadian MeasureClass Name
α<90°α<π/2 rad. Acute angle
α=90°α=π/2 rad. Right angle
90°<α<180°π/2<α<π rad. Obtuse angle
α=180°α=π rad. Straight angle
180<α<360°π<α<2π rad. Reflex angle
α=360°α=2π rad. Full angle
Table 1: Classes of angles

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