Pronunciation: /koʊn/ ?
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Manipulative 1: Cone Created with GeoGebra

A cone is a 3-dimensional geometric figure that has a circle for a base and sides that come to a point.[1] Click on the yellow points in manipulative 1 and drag them to change the figure. Double click on manipulative 1 to launch it in its own application window.

Formulas for a Cone
Surface AreaA=pi*r(squareroot(r^2+h^2) +r*h)
Slant LengthS=squareroot(r^2+h^2)
Implicit Equationr*(x^2+y^2)/h = (z-z0)^2
Parametric Equationx=((h-u)/h)*r*cos(theta), y=((h-u)/h)*r*sin(theta), z=y, 0<=u<=h, 0<=theta<=2*pi


Conic means having to do with a cone, such as a conic section; cone-like in shape; or is short for conic section. Conical means cone-like in shape, such as a conical frustum.

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