Equivalence Relation

Pronunciation: /ɪˈkwɪv ə ləns rɪˈleɪ ʃən/ Explain

An equivalence relation is a relationship on a set that shows equality. An example of an equivalence relation on the set of integers is: 5 = 7 + x.

In the table below, R represents the relationship.

Properties of Equivalence Relations
PropertyGeneral ExampleExample With Real NumbersDescription
Reflexivea R a5 = 5A relationship is reflexive if, for every member a of the set, a R a.
Symmetrica R b implies b R aIf a = b then b = aA relationship is symmetric if, for every relation a R b on the set, b R a holds.
Transitivea R b and b R c implies a R cIf a = b and b = c, then a = cA relationship is transitive if, the relationships a R b and b R c imply a R c.
Table 1


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