Floor Function

Pronunciation: /flɔr ˈfʌŋk ʃən/ Explain

A graph showing the floor function.
Figure 1: Floor function.

The floor function is a function that returns the largest integer less than or equal to the argument. The floor function is denoted ⌊x⌋. A floor function is a type of step function.

-4⌊-4⌋ = -4
-3.5⌊-3.5⌋ = -4
-0.5⌊-0.5⌋ = -1
0⌊0⌋ = 0
0.5⌊0.5⌋ = 0
1.375⌊1.375⌋ = 1
22.2⌊22.2⌋ = 22
1394.75⌊1394.75⌋ = 1394
Table 1


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