Median of a Trapezoid

Pronunciation: /ˈmi.di.ən ʌv ɑ ˈtræ.pəˌzɔɪd/ Explain

The median of a trapezoid is a line segment that joins the midpoints of the non-parallel sides.

How to Draw the Median of a Trapezoid

  1. Identify the non-parallel sides.
  2. Find the midpoint of the first non-parallel side. Use the method of constructing a segment bisector.
  3. Find the midpoint of the second non-parallel side.
  4. Draw a line segment from one midpoint to the next.
Click on the blue points and drag them to change the figure. Click on the blue slider and drag it to see each step.

What can you say about the distance from the median to the parallel sides of the trapezoid?
Manipulative 1 - How to Construct the Median of a Trapezoid Created with GeoGebra.


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